Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eat, Shop, & be Merry

Pros Ranch Market was one of the first places that I was taken to when I moved to El Paso. I need to fill my fridge, my freezer, my cupboards, and my tummy. When I walked in the place reminded me of the Vietnamese Market I shopped at in Los Angeles. It has the same set-up with grocery, butcher, fresh produce, and places to eat on the outer ring of the market.

I was most excited by an aisle full of fresh chiles (Anchos, Hatch, Jalapenos, Pasillas). I bought at least 6 pounds of each. I got them fire roasted just outside the market, which is so much easier than doing that myself!!

La Cocina is full of all sorts of tasty goodies that anyone who likes Mexican or Central American food will be pleased with. There area aguas frescas, tacos al pastor, tortas, buche and even ceviche. The food is authentic and affordable. My friend who took me to Pro's Ranch loves the salsa and fresh tortillas. I tasted tested all of them. If you can't make your own salsa or tortillas or don't know how, come here and get some.

I was hungry and saw the tacos al pastor and tacos carnitas. I can't help it...I love deliciously prepared pig. My friend has only have pork twice in her life and she hated it. I was shocked...appalled even. Then I asked her if her mom prepared pork chops or something growing up and that was what she was exposed to. Sure enough I was right. I told her in the most loving way possible that a Jewish woman was probably not the person you wanted to introduce you to pork. If I was anywhere else I probably would have suggested bacon as the new introduction to pork, as no one hates bacon :-) But today I went with carnitas. Needless to say she loved it and ordered her own tacos carnitas. For the more adventurous American foodie or for those who have have grown up eating all sort of pork; you can get your heart's desire of pig parts.

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