Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vermilion Skies

It has been a weekend full of being sick and very little eating or cooking. I was sick Thursday through Saturday and my boyfriend was sick on Sunday. So when we were both finally feeling better we wanted good and fresh food but nothing exotic. I was hungry and no longer wanted soup or crackers. Lucky for me, my boyfriend is a foodie as well and came up with the perfect place, Vermilion in Old Town Alexandria.

The restaurant is also created by the same people who have brought to D.C. such places as Rustico, Birch & Barley, ChurchKey, and Tallula. All of which are on my "must haves" for brunch. Vermilion gets most of its produce and meats from local farms, and the chefs are known to be masters with those fresh goods. Obviously my expectations were high.

There is a "Farm Table" available two nights a week is an extension of Chef Tony Chittum's commitment to the local farmers, purveyors and foragers who provide the restaurant with an amazing array of regionally grown goods. The :Farm Table" is available Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and unfortunately we were off by a day. So that means I must go here again.

A small shot sized cup of chilled carrot soup was brought out for us to enjoy with fresh bread and whipped chive butter. The carrot soup had a dollop of creme fraiche and what looked and tasted like pepitas...errr pumpkin seeds. I normally do not like cold soups. It is probably because I come from a part of the country where soup is comfort food for when you are sick or the weather is cool/cold out. That being said, the soup had the perfect blend of sweetness from the fresh carrot and creamy texture from the creme fraiche. The shot was the perfect amount for me & went lovely with the bites of crusty sourdough.

I ordered the Maryland all natural beef duo (medium rare). It includes baked crespelle, hen of the woods mushroom, swiss chard & truffle jus. The beef was perfectly cooked and melted once it hit your mouth. Think rustic food with all the high end details. I do wish that there was a bit of horseradish in the dish or offered on the side. It would have brought a smooth counter balance to the fresh sauteed mushroom and truffle jus.

The beau ordered the grassentials farm rabbit with greek village salad, marcona almonds, smoked bacon & parsley “pesto”. I do not eat rabbit and did not try this dish. But he left the plate clean and had a slight disappointed look when I refused to try it. I know that rabbit is a delicacy for some and part of a normal diet for others. But for me, it reminds me of the pet I had for 15yrs. So I can not bring myself to eat it. From a culinary perspective the rabbit appeared well seared and perfectly prepared. The presentation was rustic elegance.

I look forward trying the "Farm Table" and their renowned Sunday brunch in the very near future.

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