Sunday, February 24, 2013

Catching Up with Whiskey Cake in Texas

It had been almost 7 years since I had seen a friend of mine. Life takes you across the country in the opposite direction when their life takes them within miles of where you pay rent. But for once the stars aligned. I got sent to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, he was still in the area, I forgot he lived there, he ACTUALLY checked Facebook and saw my check-in at a local BBQ place. So we made plans and had dinner.

I was tired of Texas Brisket, I know that could get me shot but its was 2 straight days of brisket. So I was more than happy when the suggestion of Whiskey Cake came up. My friend explained that they are known for their OMG burger (Onions, Mushroom, & Goodness) that is actually brisket burger but that his wife loves the ahi tuna burger. So I figure if you can go from an amazing brisket burger to an ahi tuna burger that this would be a good choice. They are a "Farm to Fork" style restaurant. I know that is the trendy motto these days but this place doesn't actually have freezers for food only for ice. No microwaves and all that other goodness.

I was excited about the food but more excited to catch up on my friend's life over the last 7 years. He is not married to a great woman who gives him shit when he deserves it. They have a cute new baby, who by the looks of the pictures and the stories is going to be just like his father. Which means they have their hands full.

The food is excellent, full flavors and is well prepared. We shared their dips & spreads appetizer. It changes regularly based on what is fresh available to prepare. For this night it was hummus, cranberry spread, and a crab spread with plenty of pita bread.

I ordered the mesquite smoked duck breast and a Bourbon Flight (Eagle Rare Hand Selected, Elijah Craig 12, Buffalo Trace, and Woodford Reserve). The duck was perfectly prepared and I did not finish it all because I was attempting to save room for the famed Whiskey Cake!!

I have never had the Eagle Rare or the Elijah Craig 12 Bourbons before and I was impressed by both. Eagle Rare is a bright honey color with a hint of bronze. The first aromas reminded me of a toasted honey-wheat bread (nod to my Dad and Granddad here) and tobacco leaf with aeration. After my first sip the aroma and taste quickly evolved to include ripe banana, black raisins and charred oak. In the mouth, this oily, toasty bourbon seduces the taste buds at palate entry and made me want to buy a bottle to have on hand with my next cigar. The Elijah Craig 12 is a dark caramel color. The first aromas were predominately clover honey. Both scent and taste are predominately of raisin, though there are slight hints of caramel and toffee as well. Because of Elijah Craig’s color and scent, I was expecting a much heavier bourbon but I was mistaken. This bourbon was very well balanced. It also has a small bit of spice and lingering aftertaste that doesn't overpower, but coats your tongue with a subtle sweetness.

My friend ordered the Open Pit Grilled Pork Tenderloin. His wife ordered her favorite Tuna Burger. I got to have a taste test of both. Both dishes were moist and perfectly seasoned. I usually am not a fan of tuna in a burger style but they did this one right.

The star of the evening was the Whiskey Cake - a Toffee Tort with a Buffalo Trace Bourbon Anglaise topped with Spiced Pecans and Buffalo Trace Whipped Cream. If I ever make it back to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I am highly likely to go back just to share a Whiskey Cake with my friend and his wife! It was very original and very good - everyone loved it. Love the Concept, Enjoyed the Food, but expect to spend some money if you go.

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