Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's in a name?

While traveling through the FL Keys I wanted to find the No Name Pub on Big Pine Key. I had heard about this place on a special about "hidden treasures" on the Food Network. After roaming around Big Pine Key trying not to hit any of the protected "key deer", I finally came upon No Name Pub. There was a line wrapped around the building, which had to be a good sign right?

The atmosphere is something that you can easily get involved with, since you are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of dollar bills. There are crayons and markers in the pub to use to sign & decorate your own $$ to leave up on the walls or ceiling.

The pizza is good enough for Northern pizza lovers and since I spent part of my childhood in my grandparent's pizzeria, I can be a pizza snob. I order the Royal Pizza and the crust was great and the toppings were fresh.

For being a tourist landing spot, No Name Pub's service was very attentive. There is only one complaint that I have...the microbrew. The No Name Amber Ale was not good at all. I have only drank a Bud once because I didn't like it and the No Name Amber Ale reminded me of the Bud. If No Name improves on their microbrew technique this place will be on point.

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