Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Key West at it's Best

My one and only time experiencing Key West and I had no interest what-so-ever in dealing with drunk college students heading south for a warm weekend. I wanted to experience why my friend's who love the Keys...for the relaxation. Well, needless to say by the time I made it down through the FL Keys to Key West, there was no relaxation to be had. A bitter rain and wind storm rolled in. I was cold, wet, and very hungry. So I sought cover at The Commodore Waterfront Restaurant.

Imagine if you will Hemingway's version of the Key West- sea breezes, elevated above the water, wooden interior with a majestic view of the harbor. That's what you feel when you dine on the 2nd floor of the Commodore (bad weather or not).

The menu is excellent. I enjoyed a halibut with a cream sauce and sauteed vegetables. The waitstaff was good. Everything is laid back in Key West (even at 4 Star restaurants) so don't get too excited over the slow pace...relax.

Since I was not able to truly enjoy Key West, I plan on going back for that much needed relaxation. I also plan to include dining at the Commodore again.

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